2: Foundations

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Course 2: Foundations

Welcome to Foundations! I really hope you enjoyed your journey through Launch and are ready to take your development to the next stage. You’ll find the structure similar to Launch, as Foundations also uses video, online discussions, reading and reflection to help you learn.

We’re going to look at a number of different things in Foundations. We’re going to be thinking more broadly about leadership. How does it impact on how care is delivered. What does research in healthcare tell us are the key attributes of the most successful leaders.

How Foundations works

Understanding person-centred care

Is patient experience a verbal analgesic?

Methods of understanding patient experience

Leadership behaviour for person-centred care

The Francis Inquiry – overview

Challenges in healthcare

Emotional intelligence & leadership effectiveness

The Johari Window

The healthcare leadership model

Power and influence

Levels of listening

Giving and Receiving Feedback

What is adaptive leadership?

Your leadership difference

What next?

Estimated completion is approximately 35 hours.

By the end of the course you’ll be able to…

This course is open to anyone but has been designed with health and care professionals in mind. It is aimed at those new to leadership who are entering into the uncertain and complex environment of leadership and practice. This is the follow on course after completion of Edward Jenner Launch.

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Alert: Edward Jenner 2.1 Retirement

Version 2.1 of the Edward Jenner Programme will be retired at the end of this academic year. Read More...